This weekend, I watched the Green Lantern movie with my husband who just loved the comic book when he was young. I had no idea what it was about as I don’t remember the comic book and action hero movies don’t really appeal to me. As I settled in with him to watch, I started to realize the enormity of lessons in the movie. It was so awesome! I felt like my spirit guides were talking to me!

It wasn’t really anything I didn’t already know but it certainly needed to be reinforced for me. Perhaps you will feel the same or maybe its new to you. I just felt I was supposed to share some of the lessons.

In case you didn’t see the movie, the Green Lantern operates on green energy generated from a ring and the color green represents the “will”. This will allowed him to create whatever he imagined. Anything the Green Lantern could see in his mind, he could create. He just needed to focus. I was reminded that was what we need to do. Focus our will to create what we what our lives to be and use that focus to overcome fear barriers. Not only did the movie show how strong the will is but creative it can be! You will is what makes you take action.

The Green Lantern Corps was the collective “will” energy of all the species of Lanterns but is only as strong as its weakest link. Wow! That was powerful. A reimforcement that our collective energy of prayer and meditation will change our world.

Of course, there was the villain Parallax who had the color yellow and was an evil power of darkness that fed on fear. Interestingly enough, he did not start out as a villain but as a Green Lantern who had tried to harness the energy of fear. He thought he could fight fear with fear. As in real life, it didn’t work. Instead, the fear harnessed him. Parallax could see its victims’ memories and could read their minds. That really resonated with me about our own fears and the way our minds replay our past to remind us of those fears. Fear is the very enemy that holds us back from achieving all we can achieve and all we could be. Turns out the only weapon against the enemy of fear is our will! Now that was a smack in the face!

And lastly, the Green Lantern had to recharge his ring (or his will and strength). I think this is analogous to prayer, meditation, and having faith. We need to take time to pray and to focus on what we really want to achieve so our will is recharged continually to overcome our fears.

I couldn’t help but see how the Green Lantern movie was an example for everyone showing too how collectively we can indeed change our world from fear to love and compassion.

  1. Very true! Many voices together can create global change.

  2. Hi Donna,
    I loved the lessons that you extracted from this movie. I hadn’t planned on seeing it, but now I will– I WILL.
    I am remembering a time when I was studying Abraham, and finding the concept that gratitude boosts the will and blocks fear, because when we are in a state of gratitude we are immersed in possibility. When I find myself dipping into fear, I delve into gratitude for all of the miracles in my life, and I definitely feel stronger. I will keep your lessons in mind, remembering that will is a powerful part of the creation process.

    • Thanks Mary. You are so right. I was so surprised the lessons in this movie myself. I think its so worth seeing. I hope you enjoy it too.

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